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Counteracting violence through data collection

People all over the world are sharing their stories with She’s A Crowd. These stories are helping us close the data-gap and make our society safer.


    It’s time to put an end to gender-based violence for good.

    We’re all about data justice

    For far too long, our voices have been erased, our stories ignored, our experiences delegitimised. Sharing our stories brought shame, discomfort, disbelief and even violence. However, as a community of survivors, She’s A Crowd is not only helping people tell their truth, but using that truth to end gendered violence in Australia and beyond.

    Commitment to a movement

    I remember the first time I stood up in front of an audience of hundreds at the Melbourne Town Hall, gathered all my courage, and shared my story.

    And in that moment of sharing, something incredible happened. I felt the shame in the room wither away. Because when I shared my story, it gave others permission to do the same. For years, people approached me to share their deepest and darkest moment of shame associated with sexual assault and harassment. All because of the courageous act of sharing mine.

    And when the #MeToo movement began, I knew it was the right time to jump. The movement had begun. Because, if not now, when? If not you, who?

    I quit my job, and with the support of those who believed in me, I started She’s A Crowd. I hope you’ll write its chapters with us.

    SignatureZoë Condliffe, CEO and Founder

    Our Values

    Survivors come first

    You are an expert at your own experience, and your perspective and experience matters.

    Safety and privacy

    Our products are built with your safety and privacy at the centre.

    Diverse perspectives

    Everyone has a story, and every story matters – we are committed to including every voice that wants to be included in this story.


    We know it takes courage to share your story and we thank you for your vulnerability and trust in us.


    We are committed to learning and being better. If you think there is something we can do better, please reach out and let us know.

    Collective action

    We can’t do it alone, but together, we are powerful.


    Our commitment to justice means standing up to unequal power structures and fighting to correct them.


    In order to create a better world, we need to be able to imagine a better, safer and more just society for everyone.

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    About Zoë

    Dr. Zoë Condliffe is a data activist, gender advocate, researcher and Founder & CEO of She’s A Crowd. Zoë started her first social enterprise at the age of 20 and has since gained experience across the university, NGO and start-up sectors, becoming an outspoken leader in the social change sector.


    In 2016 Zoë started working in gender and youth advocacy for Plan International Australia, where she pioneered the digital crowdmapping tool for street harassment, Free To Be, the Youth Activist Series and Girls’ Walks. From there she decided to start her company She’s A Crowd, to leverage the power of storytelling to address the gender data gap.

    “I found myself in an abusive relationship, and it opened my eyes to the different forms abuse takes. After seeing it for what it was, I knew being an advocate for change was what I was going to dedicate my life to.”

    Zoë, interview for Frankie magazine

    Zoë is a highly accomplished data activist, gender advocate, and researcher with a Ph.D. in digital feminist activism, with her research containing findings in the fields of sociology, gender studies, criminology, and feminist media. She is currently listed on the Victorian Honour Roll of Women, and has made significant contributions to consulting for public space projects and being a driving force in social change. This includes her well-received Ph.D., which explores how digital networked feminism operates as a political movement, using consciousness-raising as a framework to analyse its characteristics and impact, with a specific focus on the experiences of survivors who participate in online feminist activism.


    Zoë’s other exceptional achievements include being honoured as the Telstra Best of Business Awards National Winner in 2022 for She’s a Crowd, and her company has also been recognised on the Smart Company Smart30 List in 2019 and 2020. She has won prestigious pitch competitions like the City of Melbourne Knowledge Week International Prize, participated in San Francisco’s Blackbox Accelerator Program sponsored by Google for Startups, and acted as project lead for Plan International Australia’s Free to Be initiative from 2016 to 2018. Additionally, her research contributions at Monash University XYX Lab in Gender + Place from 2018 to 2021 have been highly influential.


    Zoë’s impact is supported by prominent organisations and foundations, including SheStarts, Humanitech, Coralus, IIA, LiftAngels, Telstra Foundation, Google for Startups, City of Melbourne, LaunchVic, and the Foundation for Young Australians. Her multifaceted skill set and dedication make her a go-to professional for gender lens consulting, and she has been recognised as a Young Social Pioneer with the Foundation for Young Australians, and a Finalist for the Victorian Young Achiever Awards in 2020.

    Your story matters

    Zoë has given talks for TED, VicICT4Women, Monash University, SafeCities Conference, SafeCampus Conference, International Women's Day events, and more.

    How we do it

    Informing real change

    The data gathered from the stories you share has already helped us provide an evidence-base to make real change. Watch this space, as we will be announcing some of our latest projects soon!

    For data justice

    We exist to create counterdata to address the inequitable data gap that exists in gender-based violence. By sharing your story in your own words, you become a data activist with us. We analyse the data and then work with change makers to ensure cities, spaces, policies and processes are designed to prevent gender-based violence.

    There’s no us without you

    By closing the gender data-gap we can push for change to create safer spaces. That is why your story is crucial in our collective endeavour to end gender-based violence.

    Work with us

    We are always looking to collaborate. If you are a change maker and would like to access a dataset for your organisation, get in touch with us to discuss how.

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    Sometimes telling your story can be triggering. If you feel like chatting to someone or need to seek help, please contact 1800 RESPECT. If you’re in danger contact 000 or 112.

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